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In permanent fusion, the group intersects with subtlety the turn of Debussy and Ravel with the pop-pop movements of Ben Harper, Sheryl Crow, Sarah Jarosz, ....

Sometimes energetic, sometimes minimalist, sometimes rolled up,
always balanced, the music oscillates from silence to deep emotion.

A model of delicacy, harmony, coherence, sound approach rocks us.

Weightlessness guaranteed.

Bruno Pfeiffer


We discover here a minimalism chiseled into the lyric vein of the trios of Avishai Cohen and which would not deter in the catalog of a famous Munich label.

All in rhythmic continuity, the whole draws a soothing landscape punctuated by miniatures in solo of the leader and composer Claude Terranova (Little Story, Imaginary Sonrj).
The delicacy of the colors is well served by the crystalline cymbals of Christian Lété and the dull touch of Arnault Cuisinier.

Vincent Cotro


To reshape the art of the trio, to clear new ground by pushing ever further an astonishing minimalist balance, where the melody arises, is fixed in the repetition, as in the inaugural title "Ostinatum".

We can hear more closely the timbres and textures, not to mention the voices of Claude Terranova and Arnault Cuisinier, "instrumental", light, never intrusive ...

Sophie Chambon


The pianist Claude Terranova delivers with Ostinatum a second sensitive and mysterious album.
Accompanied by contrabassist Arnault Cuisinier and drummer Christian Lété, he signed all ten compositions of the album.

In a vein close to the Swedes of EST, the three musicians propose a melodic and minimalist jazz within which they weave suspended and evanescent climates based on repetitive motifs and ostinatos.

A soft and curvaceous jazz that catches the eye.

Julien Aunos


With Arnault Cuisinier (double bass) and Christian Lété (drums), pianist Claude Terranova forms a unique breathing entity at the same pace.

It is perceived listening to the album Ostinatum which, as its name suggests, often resorts to the insistence on a pattern or note to expand the space of improvisation.

The concert performance should further enhance the hypnotic character of this music.

Louis-Julien Nicolaou (L.-J.N.)


Three musicians who have in common to have touched on very different music shores, from pop, rock and variety to world music and the most daring research of contemporary music. Their combined experiences, watered at several sources, leads them to a certain "distancing".

Their music imposes on each member of the trio a rigor that is in no way restrictive, in that it does not hinder their spontaneity. So that the resulting impression combines an original overall sound with a freedom that everyone enjoys at will.

Jacques Aboucaya


Infos about a great jazz pianist. Composer, arranger, performer, Claude Terranova multiplied his experiments: side concert, it is found with Toukouleur, in trio, solo in the Parisian jazz clubs or in the programming of the festivals. Side show, he is the accomplice of Alfredo Arias, finally pedagogy, Claude Terranova is the designer of the jazz department of the CRR Conservatory of Music Aubervilliers la Courneuve. A music full of finesse rich in colors ... To discover and enjoy without moderation.

Jean Fernand Pelatan.


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